Initial set 


Classic-lash  |   $150    |    1 hour

Full-Lash      |   $170     |    1hr 15min

Glam-Lash   |   $190    |    1hr 30 min 



Mix (half silk/mink) +$20  |   All Mink +$30 



Full Fill        |   $75     |   1hr+ 

  Note: 4 weeks or longer will require a new set !



Mix (half silk/mink) +$10  |  All Mink +$20 





Initial Set:  : $250

Volume Fill:  $110    |  2-3 Weeks 


Initial Set: $200

Hybrid Fill: $90



Initial set     |     $65     |     1 hour 

Touch-up    |     $25     |     30 min  

  • ​With a any Full set, Bottom Lashes complete your look!  


Lash Lift with tint   |   $100   |  45min


Brow Shaping  |   $30   |   20 min   

  • Includes wax, tweeze, trim & optional shading to create the perfect brow 

Brow shaping + Brow tint   |  $40

Thereafter Brow-clean up   |   $20   |   10 min 

Eyebrow tint & wax   |  $25

Eyebrow tint   |  $20

Eyebrow wax   |  $15

Microblading   |  $750 | 1hr 30 min

yearly touch up $300

Lash removal : $20  |  Strip lashes : $12



Volume lashes (aka Russian Volume or 3D) is a relatively new technique developed in Russia designed to provide you with a fuller look without overloading or damaging your natural lashes. Volume lashes are done by applying 2-5 extremely fine lashes (0.05-0.07) to one of your own to give you that extra fullness that a traditional set (0.15-0.20) can not provide. We look for two things when getting our lashes done and those are LENGTH AND VOLUME.  Volume lashes is a great alternative for anyone who may have sparse lashes or gaps where a classic set will not give you that fullness you are looking for due to one extension being applied.  





Ok.. so what every one wants to know! What is the real difference between the two… or 3? 


Silk synthetics and Faux Mink aka "Mink" are made from the same PBT fiber.  Yes, they are the exact same material. There are of course different grades of quality within that material and that is what makes the two different, as well as the manufacturer and the way the lash is processed. Although silk lashes still give a completely natural finish the look between the two is totally different. Silk lashes have a deep rich black semi-gloss/satin finish. Silk lashes respond better than any other material in the sense that it Is strong, flexible and less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Silk lashes will give you a bold dark mascara-like finish without the need to wear any makeup, while extending and giving your real lashes a lift without the use of a lash curler.


"FAUX MINK" is usually bolder with a more defined and stronger curl.  Silk is created with a more tapered end which gives the lash a softer look and feel than faux Mink. 

Real Siberian Mink lashes are the lightest and softest lashes in the market. Real mink hair is known to be super light, fine, and feathery looking at the tips with a matte finish.  Real mink replicates the natural lash with a slight curl but doesn’t produce a long lasting lash curl. Mink tend to have better retention due to their ultra light weight vs silk lashes. Mink extensions are suggested for those who wear little to no make up and seek the most comfortable, natural look and feel possible.