Micro-blading is the finest form of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing. 

This new innovative technique is designed to improve, enhance and even restore completely missing brows with very thin crisp hair strokes on the surface of the skin. A specially designed tool (a very small, thin blade) is used to deposit all-natural pigment on the epidermis. Results are natural and flawless, leaving you with fuller, thicker more defined brows. The procedure takes anywhere from 1-2 hours based on the amount of hair stokes being done and will last as long as maintained, Touch ups are necessary about every 6-8 months to retain the shape and pigmentation.  Without maintenance pigment will fade within 1-2 years, not leaving a trace behind.  Results vary based on skin type and after care. 



LVL lash lift: 

A great alternative for those who don’t want the maintenance of eyelash extensions! 

This is a painless 30min-long treatment that will last you anywhere from 6-8 even 12 weeks!  It is done by using a flexible silicone pad to straighten lashes from the root to create the effect of longer, fuller lifted lashes. Cream based products are used for optimal safety. Silicon pads vary (S-M-L & XL).  At the end of the procedure the lashes are tinted to make them pop and give a mascara-like effect. 

results are immediate, no down time and no after care required.

Eyelash Extensions:

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are designed to enhance the natural lash by applying each individual strand to your own lash, placed one by one on the natural lash to give extra length, volume and curvature.  

Extentions will last you indefinately with re-fills every 2-3 weeks!

it is a painless procedure that takes anywhere from 1 to 1 hour and a half.