Tips for longer-lasting lash extensions!


Avoid Mascara

Mascara is not recommended for obvious reasons, one primarily reason being that people get eyelash extensions to cut down their time getting ready and to avoid the process of applying and removing mascara at the end of the day.  The use of mascara will shorten the life span of your eyelash extensions as applying and removing will weaken the bond between your natural lash and the extension.



Use Lash serum

Help your natural lashes stay strong and healthy.  There are a number of good lash serums in the market that are designed to help strengthen and nourish the natural lash.  Applying this once daily helps you get stronger, fuller, longer lashes naturally which then helps the extension adhere better to the natural lash and have better retention.  Eyelash growth serums may be used alone or in conjunction to eyelash extensions. 



Keep oils away from Eyelash extensions

Anything that contains oils whether its natural oils, moisturizers, eye cream, or SPF can break down the bond of the glue that hold your extensions together.  Use a gentle cleaser (oil-free) around your eyes as well as moisturizer and eye cream.



Don't touch

The less you do to your eyes the better.  The more contact you have with the lashes the quicker they are to fall out.  The only time you should be touching them is with your spoolie to keep them in place. 



Sleep on back 

Lashes can get damaged sleeping face down directly on the pillow causing premature fall out.

to avoid this try sleeping on your back or have your face off the side of the pillow so your eyelashes don't come 

in contact with anything that can cause premature damage.



Removing makeup and washing eyes

Key to prolonging the life of your extensions is keeping the hair follicle clean!  

Not removing natural oils and makeup residue will weaken the adhesive causing the lash extensions to fall off faster than necessary.  Dirty lashes hold bacteria which can lead to an eye infection.  Cleaning your lashes should be a daily ritual. 



Follow these steps: 

  • Make sure you use a oil free gentle make up remover to take off any make up.  

       A makeup remover formulated for lash extensions would work best. 

  • Use a oil free gentle wash to remove any makeup residue and/or oil build up that the remover itself cant. (You can use a clean shadow brush along with your cleanser to really to clean the base of the lashes) 

  • Do not rub, tug or cut extensions and it can cause permanent damage to your natural lashes. If you wish to remove them please go back to your lash technician. 

  • When washing eyes avoid rubbing lashes, try cleansing around eye area and rinsing through the lashes with a gentle, non irritating wash. 

  • Avoid extreme weather for long periods of time.